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Diary of a Depressed Black Woman

Diary of a depressed black woman

Managing Depression While Going Through Tough Times

My My My, this summer has been one for the record books. Everything I thought I was going to do I didn’t get to do, and things didn’t even know was going to happen happened. While the past few months have been challenging, so was managing my depression. I can’t...

Diary of a depressed black woman

Saved and Depressed

I am a Christian. I suffer from depression. If you are like me and fall into the intersection of Christian and depression sufferer, you can understand the constant internal tug-of-war. The Bible tells you to think on the things that are right, pure, lovely (Philippians 4:8) but, depression has you...

African American women and depression

Year’s End Reflection 2016: Accepting My Depression

A few months into 2016, I had to admit to myself and accept the fact that I suffer from depression. I had suspected as much for a long time, but I guess I wasn’t ready for depression to be my reality. It took the Holy Spirit to speak to me...

African American women and depression

I’m a Black woman and I suffer from Depression

African Americans women are more likely to suffer from Depression but are less likely to be treated for depression due to the cultural stigma of mental illness in the Black community, feelings of shame and embarrassment, lack of health insurance, and lack of understanding of the illness. Our people need to...