Cultivating Faith

God Is Working Behind The Scenes

There are so many stories in the Bible that depict God’s work behind the scene in the lives of men and women, making the impossible possible all so He can be glorified. Sometimes, these men and women and their stories are hard to remember especially when we are going through difficult situations. But just as He […]

opportunity lost
Cultivating Faith

Opportunity Lost

Last week I had the rare chance to hang out with my auntie Kia. I love hanging out with her. She loves talking to people. I wish I could engage people with such ease and grace. Plus, her voice is deepish with an Eartha Kitt “purr”. It’s sultry, everything she says sounds saucy, lol. Being […]

fortifying faith
Cultivating Faith

Fortifying My Faith In 2016

This past Sunday my Pastor’s sermon was about faith, which was funny because throughout the week my thoughts kept drifting to different passages of faith in the Bible. Her subject actually was fortifying your faith. It was befitting for the season as we await the new year. Looking back to where I was spiritually when 2015 […]