Monthly Archive: May 2016

Celebrating Black Fathers

JTMG is Celebrating Black Fatherhood

I am so Pro-men in general, Pro-Black men in particular. That’s not to say that I am anti-woman, how could I be, I am woman. We deserve so much better than we get. We as women should uplift, empower, and inspire each other to be out best truest self. But...

opportunity lost

Opportunity Lost

Last week I had the rare chance to hang out with my auntie Kia. I love hanging out with her. She loves talking to people. I wish I could engage people with such ease and grace. Plus, her voice is deepish with an Eartha Kitt “purr”. It’s sultry, everything she...


JTMG Journal: Random Thoughts

Whew, I fell off track a little bit when it comes to working on JTMG. As my husband always tell me content is king and my approach is to crank out as much content as possible. However the past week or so I haven’t been in the mood to look...