Monthly Archive: February 2017

special announcement

Some Exciting News

  Have you been wondering why I haven’t been posting this past month? Well, here’s why. A few weeks ago God placed on my heart the importance of consecration. If you’re not familiar with the principle, consecration is the conscious act of separating oneself from sin, earthly distractions, and spiritual hindrances...

independent children

Raising Independent Children

My husband and I established very early on that we were going to raise our children to be as independent as possible, mainly out of necessity —  he worked nights and I worked crazy hours at the time, they really needed to know how to do things for themselves because...

goal setting

My Goals For 2017

    I suck at New Years Resolutions, so this year I didn’t make any, However, I do have goals I wish to achieve in 2017. So I decided back in January that in  February I was going to really make a conscious effort to achieving my 2017 goals. As...