Monthly Archive: June 2017

Resist Satan-Devil's Devices

5 Devices of the Devil

The devil’s ultimate goal is to see you in hell with him. All he does is look for ways to draw you into sin. As with any battle, it is important to understand your opponent and their tactics–since you are in a constant spiritual battle for your eternal life it...

Diary of a depressed black woman

Saved and Depressed

I am a Christian. I suffer from depression. If you are like me and fall into the intersection of Christian and depression sufferer, you can understand the constant internal tug-of-war. The Bible tells you to think on the things that are right, pure, lovely (Philippians 4:8) but, depression has you...

special announcement

Ready or Not, My Time Has Come

I have some exciting news…I have been asked to facilitate my first Spiritual Growth Workshop! I am so excited and so scared, but you know what I ask God to use me and using me He is. Please come out and show me some support. Info below. Hope to see...