Monthly Archive: November 2018

Trust the Process: Patiently Waiting

Trusting The Process: Patiently Waiting

By far the hardest part of the process is waiting for everything to come together and be just how you dreamt it. Why is that? Why don’t we like waiting? We are in the season of waiting. The holiday season is full of waiting…waiting in lines at stores, waiting for...

Trust the Process: Persistent Perseverance

Trusting the Process: Persistent Perseverance

Keep going. Don’t give up. Keep on pushing. Don’t stop. Those who endure to the end… Isn’t it funny how words can make some actions seem easy? When you are trying to make your dreams come true, start your ministry, prepare for a test, speech, interview, face another rejection or...

Trusting The Process: Practice Makes Perfect

Trusting The Process: Practice Makes Perfect

After preparation, the next logical step in the process is practicing what you’ve prepared for. Professionals¬†prepare themselves by going to university, then they put into practice the concepts they’ve learned there. Artists¬†prepare by gathering their mediums before practicing their craft. Parents prepare their children for the real world by having...