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Abraham & Sarah

What Love Look Like: Abraham & Sarah – Waiting Together

Abraham, formerly known as Abram, and Sarah, formerly known as Sarai, relationship is not picture perfect. Yet God was merciful towards them in their marital decisions and in their relationship with Him. Their story revolves around promises, heirs, and land. Many couples face delays. Life will put your desires on...

What Love Look Like: Adam & Eve - The Ideal Couple

What Love Look Like: Adam & Eve – The Ideal Couple

With the man-made day in which many celebrate love, Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, I thought it would be a great service to someone to look at several couples in scripture to see just what love is supposed to look like. God does nothing by happenstance, so it’s no...

Game of Life

Game Of Life

On last Sunday all across this great country, millions of people gathered together to watch America’s greatest sports competition. For the 17 weeks, 32 teams played their best just to play in the game so many witnessed on Superbowl Sunday. And out of the 32 teams who’d played throughout the season,...