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Holy Living: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Not Sure Your Thoughts, Speech, And Actions Are Glorifying God

Unfortunately, holy living isn’t preached as much these days as it was when I was growing up. Nowadays, there’s this overemphasis of prosperity and exaggerated view of grace that has infiltrated many ministries which have left the spiritually weak vulnerable and exposed.

Holy Living

Through the convictions of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ example, you have set standards for how you should live a Child of the Most High God. Once the gift of salvation has been accepted, you receive freedom from sin, its destruction, and ultimately eternal death. But with that sweet freedom comes the responsibility of letting the Light of Christ shine so brightly in your life that everyone who comes into contact with you will know there is something different about you.

In order to live the way God wants you to live, you must first know and understand how He wants you to live. This understanding comes from reading the Word for yourself, studying the Word for understanding, hearing the Word in fellowship with other believers and discussing the Word with believers and unbelievers alike.

Wanting to please God by living holy is easy, actually living holy is impossible to do without the power of Holy Spirit. Satan would love nothing more than to bring you back into the bondage of sin. The holy Spirit will produce Christlikeness in you, as you yield to Him.

God has given us specific commands, principles, and precepts of His Word, and insight on His attributes, so we can discern whether or not what we are doing, or not doing, is honoring Him or not. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to make sure your , or bringing Him to an open shame.

1. Will this (thought, speech, action) promote spiritual growth and maturity?

If it is not enhancing your spiritual life or cultivating godliness, it is not beneficial for your spiritual growth.

2. Will it build me up or tear me down?

If it isn’t bringing you to greater spiritual strength, stability, or maturity it will tear you down.

3. Will it interfere with my relationship with God?

If you are putting anything thing before God, you are suffering from idolatry and it will hinder your spiritual growth and weigh you down in this Christian race.

4. Will it bring me into bondage?

If it is a sin or something that can cause you to sin it will ensnare you into bondage and before you know it you will be enslaved to sin.

5. Will I appear to be a hypocrite? 

If it is using the freedom of salvation to cover up and hide sin, you’ll turn unbelievers away from God.

6. Is it stripping Christ of His sovereignty of my life?

If it is causing you not to acknowledge God’s complete control over your life or you’re making moves without seeking God or adoing things your own way it is violating Christ’s Lordship in your life.

7. Is it an example for other Christians to follow?

If it is not something you would want to find out your pastor is doing, saying or thinking or if it’s something you wouldn’t want your pastor to know about, it won’t build up the body of Christ, instead, it will do the opposite, cause someone to stumble and sin.

8. Will it lead sinners to Christ?

If it is not causing sinners, new believers, the spiritually weak, to want to know more about Christ and what he has to offer it isn’t glorifying Christ.

9. Is it Christ Like?

If it isn’t done with or out of love, or if it isn’t displaying Christlike behaviors and actions, it isn’t emulating Christ and His example.

10. Will it exalt God?

If it isn’t lifting up His holy name, glorifying Him, and honoring Him, it isn’t within His will.


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