5 Things You Need To Know That Will Help You Resist Satan
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5 Things You Need To Know That Will Help You Resist Satan

5 Things You Need To Know That Will Help You Resist Satan

The other day I was getting some things together for JTMG when I begin reading Matthew 4, It’s a familiar text–the devil tempting Jesus–but this time around, I learned new things and I want to share the 5 Things You Need To Know That Will Help You Resist Satan.  

The often quoted scripture from James tells you to resist Satan and he will flee, but what does that resistance look like when the devil is attacking your spiritual life?

When you decides to fully commit to the Father the enemy fears he’ll lose the war for your soul and he’ll stop at nothing to hinder your spiritual growth.

Ephesians 6:12

Satan is an opportunist. He’ll wait until you are deep into your spiritual wilderness to divert your attention away from God and he’ll blind and bind you with his deceptions.That’s why when you are going through it’s so hard to spend time with Jesus, to go to church, to read your Bible, to pray.

The more spiritual growth you experience the stronger you’ll be in Christ, making it harder for the devil to distract you with his lies and false promises.

To see how to resist and respond to the devil’s deceptions with Christ-like power and authority, let’s examine Jesus’ example, here are the 5 Things You Need To Know That Will Help You Resist Satan:

1. The Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness and knew He was going to be tempted

the Spirit led Jesus to the wilderness

When I think about a wilderness I see a large area of nondescript land of earth and rock as far as the eye can see with little trees and vegetation, the sun always seems to be overhead and there isn’t any water in sight. It’s not a place where you want to be for any extended period of time. So why did the Spirit lead Jesus here?

At this point, Jesus was at the very beginning of His three-year long earthy ministry. The wilderness signifies Jesus separating himself for the comforts and distracts of the world. It is when you set yourself apart from foolishness that God can begin to work and you begin to grow. While being in the wilderness brings its own unique challenges, you’ll learn how to lean on the Lord fully. 

The takeaway: When you find yourself in your wilderness don’t always think it’s the work of Satan, especially if the Spirit led you there. God may be preparing you for work He wants you to do. It’s clear, that once you accept God’s purpose and begin preparing yourself to do walk in His divine purpose you will be tested and tried.

2. Jesus recognized Satan even in His weakened state

Resist Satan

Can you imagine what it had been like for Jesus in those 40 days and nights, in the wilderness, with Satan lurking about? It is believed that symptoms of severe starvation begin to show around days 35-40. So Jesus’ mind and body were way past being weak, he was dying. However though, even in this state, Jesus recognized Satan for what he is. 

The takeaway: Don’t be so distracted by your wilderness and your weakened spiritual state that you allow the enemy can come in and devour your spirit. Recognize the spirit as soon as he steps on the scene. 

3. Satan took Jesus higher and higher with each temptation so the fall would be greater

1 Peter 5:8

One of Satan’s most effective deception is making you feel like you moving on up in the world when actually he is setting you up for a greater fall. 

Jesus started out in the wilderness but ended up on an exceedingly high mountain.

First Satan tempted Him to satisfy his flesh (turning the stones into bread) but that escalated quickly with Satan tempted Jesus with fame and wealth but at the ultimate cost.

Every time you give in to the devil’s deception, you fall deeper into sin.

The takeaway: Satan deceptions will have you so screwed up that you’ll think down is up and up is down. The best way to avoid his evil plans is to stay in God’s way. If you feel like you’ll getting to the “high places”, but the means by which you are getting there are outside of God’s Word, it might be the trick of the enemy.

Another lesson you can take away is that the more you resist Satan the harder he will try to up the ante–Satan’s rewards may seem bigger and better but the repercussions are worse with every temptation.

4. Satan knows scripture and will use it to tempt you

Resist Satan

The people of God forget that Satan knows scripture too, he will quote it, use it to get his point across, and he won’t hesitate to use scripture to deceive you. Most of the time he’ll deliberately misconstrue the Word of God, as he did in Matthew 4, to fit his deception. Satan misquoted Psalm 91:11 in his evil plot to tempt Jesus. He thought that because of Jesus weakened state He’d be fooled if he (mis)quoted scripture, but he must’ve forgotten that from the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and was God (John 1:1), so there was no fooling Jesus in this way.

The takeaway: It is so important that you read and understand the word for yourself and not rely on someone else’s interpretation. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding as you study your Bible. This way you’ll be able to interpret scripture the true way God intended.

5. Satan was persistent in his temptation, Jesus was persistent in His resistance

Resist Satan

Satan tried over and over again to deceive Jesus and over and over again Jesus resisted him. He tried to wear Jesus down but Jesus was ready each time.

Satan will keep pushing you until you go down. He’ll keep trying, and here’s the thing, the more you resist the harder he is going to try.

The takeaway: Again, it’s so important to know the Word for yourself. It’s a strong, unwavering foundation to plant you feet on so when Satan push you, you don’t go down, you may have to readjust your stance, you might even have to pick yourself up, but you’ll get up, and you’ll plant your feet right back on the steady foundation of God’s Word.

To Conclude,

Resist Satan

  • Like it says in Ephesians 6, your battle isn’t with what’s going on in the natural realm, it’s with what going on in the spiritual realm.
  • Satan will use the people and things closest to you to distract you from what he’s really up to. You have to recognize Satan especially when you are weakened by your wilderness and how he uses deceptions, distractions, and discouragement to trap you.
  • He will be persistent in his temptations and the thing about it, he’ll deceive you to the point to where you may not even notice the deception. You may think you are getting ahead. 
  • The more you resist the harder he’ll try.
  • Satan knows scripture and isn’t afraid to twist it for his deception.
  • Above all else, you must know the Word for yourself. The only way you can possibly resist Satan is with the Word of God. All other methods will fail.

Don’t you just love reading a familiar passage and discover something new from it?

I do.

Read Matthew 4:1-11, then share what the Holy Spirit revealed to you in the comments.

May God be with you until we meet again.

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