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Little Nugget: Change Starts In The Mind

Renewing of the mind

Not trying to give Satan any victory, but he doesn’t cause anyone to do anything, so please stop telling that lie that the devil made you do it.

What Satan does do is plant the seed of deception, distraction, discouragement, division, or destruction in your mind.

For your part you can either allow the seed to sprout and grow into sin, or you can cut it off at the root.

Be mindful of the thoughts that breed negativity and discord. As soon as you recognize them ask the Holy Spirit to work on those thoughts so you can have the strength to change them.

The renewing of the mind is a process it won’t happen overnight, but as you work on your thoughts it will become easier to go from negative to positive.

Do you have tips for being more mindful of your thoughts? Share them in the comments.

May God be with you until we meet again.

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