Spiritual Growth

A Lesson from Jonah

Oksana Drachkovska

God has told someone to get up, go to a certain place, and do a certain thing, just as He told Jonah. If this is you, I hope you’ve heeded God’s instructions. However, if you are like Jonah, you haven’t done it, and like Jonah you can cause a storm for you and those around you.

Within the chapters of Jonah, we see how Jonah’s disobedience fueled by real concerns, fear and uncertainty, led to chaos, confusion, and dire predicaments.

Where Jonah messed up, and please, don’t do this, Jonah went on ahead and did things his way. He decided to go to Joppa, He hopped on the ship to Tarshish. He put the people on the ship lives in danger.

Irrational thought patterns is a by-product of disobedience. Jonah thought he could run from the plan of God. He thought he could hide. Just how we convince ourselves God doesn’t see our disobedience.

When God has a job for you, your obedience is required, your understanding is not. It’s easy to think your way is the better than the plan God’s laid out, but your foresight is limited, God’s isn’t. He sees the complete plan, you only see a small piece.

If God has given you instructions to do something, even in your misgivings, uncertainties, and anxieties, step in faith, and do it.

Rejection, denial, looking silly, feeling embarrassed are nothing compare to how you’ll feel when you realize the things YOU planned, and the way YOU set them up, isn’t going to work out the way YOU thought.

You’ll feel exposed when you realize your ship is in the middle of a storm, it’s about to break apart, those on the ship with you are going to drown, all because you left the Captain at the other boat going to Nineveh.

Your obedience shows God He can trust you, that He can call you faithful.

On this spiritual walk, it’s beneficial to you and all associated with you, for God to know you as faithful. Imagine the benefits, doors opened, dreams and goal accomplished, wants and desire fulfilled.

Jonah eventually came around. He repented and got back on course.

It’s never too late to get back with the program. Ask for forgiveness for disobedience, then be obedient. God wants to use you.

May God be with you until we meet again.

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