Trust the Process: Persistent Perseverance
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Trusting the Process: Persistent Perseverance

Trust the Process: Persistent Perseverance

Keep going.

Don’t give up.

Keep on pushing.

Don’t stop.

Those who endure to the end…

Isn’t it funny how words can make some actions seem easy?

When you are trying to make your dreams come true, start your ministry, prepare for a test, speech, interview, face another rejection or denial, or whatever, you will undoubtedly face what seems like insurmountable obstacles at some point. Honestly, these challenges keep life interesting, but, my God, when they are staring you dead in the face you’ll think you’ll never overcome them.

And, your cheerleaders, those people who are in your corner and have your back, words of encouragement ring hollow. After all, encouragement like “keep it up,” and “don’t stop” are easy to say, but are sometimes hard to put into action.

On your journey to success, being persistent in your perseverance will help you when those stumbling blocks get in your way.

My favorite bible story about perseverance is not one that many look at as a story about perseverance. There are many examples of perseverance in the Bible; you have the Parable of Perseverance found in Luke where a widow persistently ask an unfair ruler for justice; you have Job, the most famous witness on perseverance; Jeremiah persevered in throughout his ministry; Paul’s life is the very example of perseverance. But, the woman with the issue of blood, a story about perseverance?

Yes. Yes, it is.

This anonymous woman pushed through the crowd until she got to her deliverance. After she heard about Jesus and seen the crowds gathered around Him, she could have given up on ever being healed by Him. She could have turned around after pressing in on the crowd and went back home. She could’ve, and no one would have blamed her. No doubt, she was weakened by her condition, but, she didn’t give up. She didn’t walk away. She pressed on, even in her weakened state.

Then when she finally got to the place she wanted to be, in the very presence of the man called Jesus, the One she heard about, the healer of many infirmities, so many people surrounded Him, she couldn’t even ask for healing. She was so close and He was still so far away. Yet and still, she pressed a little more, just enough to touch His clothing. Sure, she got her healing because of her faith, but also because of her persistent perseverance.

Your success may or may not be near, You may be so close and still so far away. You may not even see success or a victory. Turning back might seem so much easier. Given up may even be justified, but honey, your victory is closer then you think, even if its weeks, months or years away. Never is never here but, days, weeks, months, and years come eventually.

The work of climbing Everest is hard, treacherous, and scary. Standing on the summit is rewarding and worth every challenge and obstacle.

Be persistent in your perseverance. Do all you can to ensure that quitting isn’t an option. Push through all the negative noise in your head and surrounding you. Trust the process and get your victory.

What is your favorite story about someone who persevered? Share below.

May God be with you until we meet again

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