Trust the Process: Patiently Waiting
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Trusting The Process: Patiently Waiting

Trust the Process: Patiently Waiting
Artist: Bendik Kaltenborn

By far the hardest part of the process is waiting for everything to come together and be just how you dreamt it.

Why is that? Why don’t we like waiting?

We are in the season of waiting. The holiday season is full of waiting…waiting in lines at stores, waiting for packages to be delivered, waiting to open presents on Christmas morning,

Waiting is hard. Waiting with patience is harder. Waiting is frustrating and sometimes brings out the worst in people, But waiting with the right perspective and attitude can be transformative.

The transformative power of patiently waiting can be seen in the story of Joseph.

God had given Joseph a vision. He would be a leader of his people, but the division between him and his brothers and the subsequent diversion plan they came up with turned Joseph into a slave. I’m quite sure Joseph didn’t fully understand what was happening to him, but he trusted God enough to know that the vision God had given him would come to pass.

Joseph became the personal assistant to Potiphar, the captain of Pharoah’s guard. He found favor with the captain and Potiphar made Joseph superintendent over his household.

Two things happen when you trust God fully: one, you will find favor with those who should be your enemy, and two, you will be mistreated; in Joseph’s case, he was lied on.

See, Potiphar’s wife found Joseph attractive and tried to seduce him day after day. Joseph, not willing to sin against God and having great respect for himself and Potipher, he resisted her advances day after day. One day when she and Joseph were alone, she tried once again, but Joseph ran from her presence. Jilted, she lied and accused Joseph of rape. Joseph was thrown into prison because of her lies.

In prison, Joseph once again found favor with his captors and was placed in charge of the other prisoners.

What I find interesting and something I never noticed before is that God lifted Joseph up to greater power and greater responsibility each time it looked as if things couldn’t get any worst for him.

While in prison, two people from Pharoah’s inner circle were imprisoned. Both men had dreams they didn’t understand. God gave Joseph the interpretations of the dreams and the interpretations proved true. One of the men was released from prison. All Joseph asked was that he remembers him and put in a good word for him to Pharoah to help secure his release.

When the man was reinstated to his high position in Pharoah’s court, he forgot all about Joseph.

Two years passed, then Pharoah was having a dream he couldn’t understand, he searched all of Egypt for someone to interpret it. Now the man remembered Joseph and his gift of interpreting dreams. He told Pharoah of Joseph and Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream. In doing so, Joseph finds favor with Pharoah; he also finds himself with greater power, greater responsibility, and greater success.

Joseph went through all of this just to get to where God promised he’d be. Not only was Joseph a leader of the Hebrew people, but also over all of Egypt!

Through all the mistreatment, oppression, discouragement, disappointment, Joseph faithfully worked as he waited for his dream to be realized. After each setback, Joseph didn’t lose his patience with the process, or with God and because of his patience he was transformed into the second most powerful person in all the land.

Patience, obedience, faith, and work are all that’s needed for God to accomplish His plan for your life. If at any point in Joseph story he would have grown impatient with the process and did things the way HE thought best, his story would’ve turned out much different. But since he faithfully worked and patiently waited his greatness was realized to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Brothers and sisters, today you may find yourself in the pit, in Potiphar’s house, in prison, or in the presence of Pharoah, wherever you are in the process of your great success, God knows exactly where you are, you are exactly where you need to be for your dreams to come true. He allowed you the have the dream, He showed you how it would be once the dream fully comes to fruition, wait patiently for Him to do it.

I love you guys.

May God be with you until we meet again

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