Removing Distractions: Relationships
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The Relationship You Need to Let Go Off If You Want To Walk Into Your Promise Land…It’s Not The One You Think

Removing Distractions: Relationships

When you think about letting go of a relationship, it’s usually a relationship that’s toxic, one-sided, or destructive. But there’s another relationship that you’ll need to let go if you want to see spiritual growth in your relationship with Jesus.

Go on a journey with me for a bit:

In Genesis 12, God commanded Abram to get up, leave his country, and go to a place that He’d reveal to him. God promised he’d be blessed and a blessing to all who blessed him.

Abram obeyed God. He took his wife, Sarai, his nephew, Lot, their servants, and all their possessions from Haran.

After traveling for some time, in a severe famine, Abram went into Egypt. Abram, Lot, Sarai, their servants, and possessions stayed in Egypt until it was discovered by Pharoah that Abram lied to him and they were kicked out of the country.

Scripture, says that Abram was VERY rich in livestock, silver and gold. His nephew Lot also possessed flocks, herds, servants, and tents.

The land in which they traveled wasn’t able to support them both. Their servants begin to bicker. I can imagine that the herdsmen fought over the best grazing grounds and the shepherds fought over who’s flock should drank first from a stream.

Abram loved Lot, he called him his brother, but he understood that if the fighting within the two camps continued the relationship between them would suffer. Abram decided it was best to let his nephew go his own way.

Separating before things turned ugly was the better thing to do. It wasn’t that Abram harbored malice or ill-will toward Lot, on the contrary, Abram gave Lot the choice to choose where he’d go.

Abram didn’t say I’ll take the best and you can have what’s left over. Or, you take the wilderness and i’ll take the plains.

Lot looked out, in verse 10, and seen the well-watered plains of the Jordan and chose all the plains of the Jordan in the east. Abram didn’t argue, well I have more livestock then you, I’m taking the plains. No, he honored his choice.

You want to take those you love with you into the land God promised you. You want them to benefit from your success, but sometimes your land can’t support them because there isn’t enough space on your journey for them and their stuff.

It’s not that you don’t love them, it’s not that you don’t want what’s best for them. But you have to realize that your relationship with God is more important than your relationship with them. Your purpose is for you and it’s not meant for them who journey with you.

If you can’t find peace in your relationship with someone because of stuff they bring into the relationship; if the relationship with them is taking away your peace so you can’t hear God’s voice directing you; if you find yourself in the middle of their constant confusion and conflict; if the relationship is taking you away from your relationship with the Almighty, it’s time to let the relationship go.

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May God be with you until we meet again.

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