What Love Look Like: Adam & Eve - The Ideal Couple
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What Love Look Like: Adam & Eve – The Ideal Couple

With the man-made day in which many celebrate love, Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, I thought it would be a great service to someone to look at several couples in scripture to see just what love is supposed to look like.

God does nothing by happenstance, so it’s no coincidence that couples in the Bible experienced some of the same things many couples today face. It’s through these great witnesses we learn how to love our companions and overcome trials in our relationships.

What Love Look Like: Adam  & Eve - The Ideal Couple
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The first couple I examine is the first couple, Adam and Eve. God sanctioned their union to show all of humanity His way of love. Accept it or not, God idea of romantic love is perfect and right. It is with the free will He has given humanity that we choose who to love. Yet, this doesn’t negate the fact that God’s way is the right way.

The story of Adam and Eve begins with God knowing that it’s not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18)

As I read through scripture in preparation for this post, I wondered why God didn’t make a companion for Adam straightaway as He did with the animals.

Several things came to me: would Adam have recognized the fact that he needed a companion if God had given him a mate earlier on? Did Adam need to come to the realization himself? Did seeing the companionship between the animals help him come to this realization? Or, was it something else that my finite mind can’t come up with? Probably. Either way, God in His divine wisdom knew that Adam was incomplete without woman.

Adam dwelt in God’s presence, he had the animals to keep him company, but these things weren’t enough. These things didn’t fulfill him.

You’ve read the story, God put Adam into a deep sleep, removed a rib and built Adam a woman.

Eve was a perfect complement to Adam. She was like him. God created both male and female neither can claim superiority over the other. Both are created beings, created by the Creator.

When Adam awaken from his surgery, he didn’t find Eve faithfully waiting for him, Genesis 2:23, says that God brought the woman to the man, thereby sanctioning their union.

And when Adam saw her, in all her perfection, he declared, “at last,”–he was relieved to have a companion. He says, “she is like me, she will be called Woman.” (Genesis 2:23)

Eve was Adam’s helper. Unfortunately too many women today have a problem with this truth, as if there’s some sort of negative connotation, something demeaning in this position. Too many men, also act as if women are inferior because of the position God placed us in.

Sometimes it is forgotten, or conveniently overlooked, but Adam was made for Eve too. Both were made in the likeness of God. (Genesis 1:27). Both possess some of God’s most enduring qualities: intellect, wisdom, love, justice.

Also human qualities that are above the animals: the ability to accumulate knowledge of the Creator, a conscience to know right from wrong, the capacity for spirituality, and free will.

They both shared in caring for all of that was created. They both tended to their garden home. They provided intellectual stimulation to each other and companionship. They had everything they could ever want or need. All they had to do was love on each other.

They found fulfillment in each other because they had someone who truly loved them. Adam had Eve’s heart and trust; Eve had Adam’s heart and trust.

Qualities of Adam & Eve’s Relationship:


They were equals. Both created by the same Creator in His likeness. Both possess the same qualities. Neither was superior to the other. God shaped and formed Adam from the dust. He shaped and formed Eve from Adam. Eve was Adam complement. She was God’s best choice for Adam.


Taking the rib from Adam God shows how they were connected together. One from the other; one can’t existed without the other.


Adam and Eve shared in the tending of the garden and all of God creation. Adam needed help and Eve was his helper. Helper is not a demeaning position, it’s a powerful one. In fact, it’s one of the Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:28). On the flip side, needing help is not a negative place to be in, Adam was perfect, he dwelt in God’s presence his entire life and he still needed help.

Sacred Commitment

Their union was sacred because God joined them together, male and female. The relationship is no longer me and you, but we and us.


In Genesis 2:24, After the couple was brought together, God tells us that man should leave his parents and join with his wife. What’s funny is neither Adam nor Eve had parents, but this is to show the rest of humanity that once married your loyalties change from being loyal to your family to loyalty to your spouse and the family the two of you make together. This doesn’t mean you disown/disregard the people who grew you up or disrespect your father and mother, but your focus is on your own household.

Adam and Eve was the ideal couple until Eve decided to do something independent of her husband. She let someone into their relationship and they were never the same again. DON’T. BE. LIKE. EVE.

If you are in a marriage, or in a relationship leading to marriage, your relationship is between the two of you. Letting anyone in that’s saying, doing, or acting in a way that is contrary or against your spouse that person/thing isn’t for the edification of your relationship, but for it’s downfall.

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May God be with you until we meet again.

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