Isaac and Rebekah
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What Love Look Like: Isaac & Rebekah – God Makes A Perfect Match

Isaac and Rebekah love story didn’t start because of anything either one of them did or didn’t do, but it started because a father wanted the very best for his son.

In western culture, arranged marriages are look down upon, but in many cultures around the world arrange marriages are the norm. It’s practice (for a lack of a better word) has been going on for many generations, even back in biblical times.

The first evidence of this is Isaac and Rebekah arranged marriage. (Genesis 24)

Abraham, Isaac’s father, was old, scripture says, he was well advanced in age, his time of death was close at hand. But before he could die, he wanted to find a wife for Isaac. The Canaanite women where Abraham and Isaac resided, weren’t suitable for him so Abraham made an oath with one of his servants. The servant was to go into Abraham’s own country, to his own family and find Isaac a suitable wife.

Reluctant and unsure if he was up to the task, the servant wanted to bring Isaac along. I mean, who better to pick their spouse than the one to be married, right? But, Abraham implored him not to take Isaac back to Haran because God brought Abraham out from that place and he didn’t want his son to go back there.

Still hesitant, the servant wants to know what he should do if the woman he finds for Isaac doesn’t want to be Issac’s wife? Abraham reassures the servant that God will send an angel before him and Isaac wife will be found there.

The servant agrees and go on to Abraham’s country to find Isaac a wife.

Once there, the servant prays and asks God for specific signs. God gives them to him. During the interaction between Rebekah and the servant, the servant learns that Rebekah is from Abraham’s family; meeting Abraham requirements for Isaac’s wife. Also during their encounter, Rebekah proves, not only is she the one for Isaac, but also that she is compassionate, unselfish, and God-fearing.

I see a lot of women and men, despising their singleness. I understand it can get lonely sometimes, but, remember what Abraham told his servant, God has sent His angels out to prepare your future spouse for you. He only wants the best for you and who He chooses for you will be a perfect match.

For those in a relationship, here are questions to ask yourself, is the person you’re with, “the one” God chose for you? Or, are they “the one” you chose for yourself?

One last thing, while no one wants others to tell them who they can and cannot date, love, marry, it behooves you to listen to those who know you best. As the saying taken from scripture ( 1 Peter 4:8) says, “love covers a multitude of faults.” Being “in love” can sometimes blind you to the one we love issues, baggage, and toxic behaviors.

Parents, grandparents, best friends, and siblings can usually tell if someone is right or not for you. Listen to them. Just like God, all they want is the best for you.

God is the perfect matchmaker!

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May God be with you until we meet again.

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