Celebrating Black Fathers

JTMG is Celebrating Black Fatherhood

Celebrating Black FathersI am so Pro-men in general, Pro-Black men in particular. That’s not to say that I am anti-woman, how could I be, I am woman. We deserve so much better than we get. We as women should uplift, empower, and inspire each other to be out best truest self. But I feel that while we celebrate womanhood we trample on manhood whether directly or indirectly and that in my opinion is detrimental to society as a whole.


That being said, I believe that it is our duty, yes our duty, as women to hold up our men especially in our Black and Latino communities. Our Black and Latino men have been so emasculated, so stereotyped, and pushed aside in society, and many times, in their own communities that it is hard for them to see their own self-worth. They question what value they bring to their communities if they are only seen as thugs, criminals, hoodlums who lives don’t matter to police officers, corporate America, and the educational and  judicial systems. They live under the blanketed statements of, “there are no good black men out there,” “black fathers don’t take care of their children,” and “black fathers abandon their families.” But if you walk around any black community in America, you’ll notice these statements are far from the truth. You’ll see black fathers taking their children to school before heading off to work. You’ll see black fathers playing with, interacting with, and engaging their children. You’ll overhear conversations about life lessons and stories about doing the right thing. You’ll see black fathers, young and old, taking pride in fatherhood.


Celebrating Black Fathers
Black Fathers are present


Mainstream media, however, like to dispel the positive images of black fatherhood for negative ones that maintain the stereotype that black fatherhood is non-existent in the black community. Yes, there is a staggering number of black households with an absentee father, and that without a doubt, that needs to change, but there is also a narrative that doesn’t get brought to the table very often, one that shows black fatherhood in a positive light. So it is up to us in the black community to change the narrative, to tell our stories and show the world that there are good black men, good black boyfriends, good black husbands and yes, good black fathers in our community.


Black Fathers MAtter
Black Fathers Matter


That’s why this June journeytomygreatness.com will be celebrating Black fathers and telling stories of Black fatherhood. We’ll talk about the challenges they face and take delight in the joy their children bring them.


If you know a great Black father, young or old, new to fatherhood or a seasoned father, and want them featured in JTMG Celebrating Black Fathers email me at lea at journey to my greatness dot com, and I send you the info. There are so many great fathers out there, I personally know quite a few and I’m sure you know a few too. So let’s get them together and topple the myth that Black men don’t do fatherhood.


May God be with you until we meet again.

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