where have you been?

Where have you been lately?


where have you been?


Oh my goodness, I know that it has been a long time since I posted on the blog, but isn’t it just like life to switch things up on you as soon as you start to get a groove going and start falling into good routines and habits. Since the last time I’ve posted, I’ve moved which means I packed up my entire house then unpacked my entire house trying to find a place for everything and making sure everything is in its place. My new apartment is smaller than my old one so this is quite the task.  On top of all that my biggest helper, my daughter G-Baby, has been off experiencing college life this summer in a program for high school students. Granted the program was only 4 weeks long and she came home on the weekends, her being away really made me appreciate the things she does around here.


But things are starting to normalize around here and I can get back into my groove, hopefully, because the way that I am, it takes awhile for me to get things going.


While I haven’t been posting anything here, I have been bitten by the writing bug lately. Thank God, I have finally figure out one of my biggest plot hole in the novel that I’m working on. So I’ve been excitedly working on that, as well as a few short stories that I hope to be able to post on JTMG.


On the back side of the blog, I have been working on an editorial schedule which I hope helps me post more regularly, which reminds me I need to move some things around because as it is right now I have set for me to post every day, which is so unrealistic to me.


Finally, please pray for me, I have a few other things in the works that I don’t want to reveal just yet, you know the whole not-letting-your-right-hand-know-what-your-left-hand is-doing, but once everything is in place I will let you guys know. I will say this though about it, I’m excited about it.


That is all for now,
May God be with you until we meet again.

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