30-Day Challenge: Quit Smoking

It is so very hard, but I can do it

So I’m starting a 30-day challenge for the month of October. One of my challenges is to quit smoking. I know that it will take longer than 30 days to complete this task, but i think it’s a great start.

Studies have shown that it take 21 days to break a habit, so I figure that by including this in my challenge I have a leg up on the habit when the month is over.

I have been smoking regularly since I was 19 years old. I quit when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and I should have stayed quit, but I make the stupid decision to pick cigs back up after I stopped breastfeeding her. I tried a few times over the years to quit. I did really well this one time where I was quit for like two months. But and time again I would pick up a cig thinking I’ll just smoke this one cig and that’ll be it, but it never turns out that way. It’s always just one more. But this time, I’m going to try my hardest to break this habit. I’m not getting any younger and my children are getting older, I don’t want to be a burden to them because I’m sick because of something I chose to continue.

I’m not doing it cold turkey either, at least not for the 30-day challenge. I wanted to do Chantix, but my doctor wanted to do some blood work first. So i went with the nicotine patch option. I must say that it has been pretty good so far. I haven’t had any cravings. The most difficult part is breaking the routines that I have grown accustomed to over the years, like smoking after I eat, or having a smoke while I’m drinking, so I’m trying to find things to do break those cycles.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis by Surf City
Quit Smoking Hypnosis by Surf City

There‘s this great app by Surf City Apps called Quit Smoking Hypnosis, which is really great. You can find it in the App Store and Play Store. I used it when I stop smoking for 2 months. It may seem silly at first but it works, especially when you are trying to quit cold turkey. I’m using this time too with the patches, hopefully with the combination of hypnosis and the patches I can quit for good.

I’m also trying Thirty by 2Minds Dev, an app designed to help you challenge yourself to break habits, try new things or anything that you want to challenge yourself to do. It’s very sleek and polished with social media integration. I got it on my Android, I haven’t checked if it’s in the App store.

Thirty-Be Inspired by 2Minds Dev
Thirty-Be Inspired by 2Minds Dev

And finally, support from family and friends. My husband is also trying to quit so we are supporting one another. If someone in your household smokes you’ll be more successful if they quit with you.

I’m really big on accountability partners, someone who will hold you accountable and support you at the same time.

Quitting smoking is hard, so don’t beat yourself you if things don’t go the way you think they should, Like all addicts, we must take it one day at a time.


Have you quit smoking? I would love to hear how you did it.

May God be with you until we meet again.

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