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Little Nuggets: Don’t Be Afraid of Where You’re Going, God Is Going With You

I often think about Jacob, when God told him to leave the land in which he lived and take is wives, children, servants and all their belongings and to go to a land that He will he show him at a later time. Jacob was obedient and did just as God told him. Can you imagine how frightening that was for Jacob, for his wives, for his children? His obedience showed that he trusted God.

journeyThis is how you need to be on your journey, no matter what that journey is.

Like the Israelites, who left their homes in Egypt with their eyes set on the promised land, you will face many obstacles along the way, but with help from the Lord, you will come out victorious. As with the Israelites, even with their stubbornness, their complaining, idol worshipping, and straight up forgetfulness about where God had brought them from, God never left them and God will never leave you.

God loves everybody. He is no respecter of person. If He did it for the Israelites He will do it for you. God’s eyes are always on you, watching over you, not from above, but beside you,  while you’re navigating your journey. He is walking beside you. So, during times of loneliness, depression, sadness, fear, remember God is walking right along with you. You are not on your journey alone.

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May God be with you until we meet again.

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