These Shoes Were Made For My Journey


Another day to get it right.

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Barb Giambrone
Barb Giambrone
1 year ago

I had to continue here as i guess you only get so much room in one post. After having the first pair . I searched all over the internet about 2 years later for the exact ones. Payless Shoes had them.I bought myself 2 pair and another 9 pairs for my husband and family members, They all loved them as well.. NOW I’m trying to find them again.. PLEASE notify me if their being sold by any site or store

Barb Giambrone
Barb Giambrone
1 year ago

These are the best flip flops I have ever owned in all my years. About 5 years ago I bought a pair while at Dewy Beach , DE. I loved them,,Wore them all the time..As soon as I got home from work (Even in the Winter) I would slip into these. The things that make them so great are !. their so comfortable 2. They don’t Squeak or flip off your feet like other flip flops they stay sucked to your foot almost like a shoe. 3. The piece between the big and next toe doesn’t make that area hurt or callous

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