A Prayer For My Husband

As a part of my daily meditation and prayer, I want to make sure I pray for my husband. My husband is a great man who works hard to provide for me and our children. I want to pray his strength in the Lord, that he may lead us and guide us according to The Word. […]

Spiritual Growth

Healthier Spiritual Lifestyle

There are a few things that we should do every day, the most important is thanking God for allowing you to see another day. For our physical body, we brush our teeth, shower, and eat well; for our spiritual well-being, we should communicate with God through prayer and meditation, we read the Word and fast. […]

Spiritual Growth

From Mess To Message

How has God turned your mess into your message? Share your testimony. May God be with you until we meet again. My Journey of self-improvement begins with being asked one question–how has that affected your life? Even without knowing the full conversation in which the question was asked, you can still see how it can […]