independent children

Raising Independent Children

My husband and I established very early on that we were going to raise our children to be as independent as possible, mainly out of necessity —  he worked nights and I worked crazy hours at the time, they really needed to know how to do things for themselves because it was no telling when […]

goal setting

My Goals For 2017

    I suck at New Years Resolutions, so this year I didn’t make any, However, I do have goals I wish to achieve in 2017. So I decided back in January that in  February I was going to really make a conscious effort to achieving my 2017 goals. As I wrote here, about writing […]


Lace Up Your Shoes And Do Some Organizing

Almost 10 days ago, President Obama issued a challenge to all Americans, saying, “If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing.” But, how do one become an activist? If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing. If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, […]

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

I Will Never Forget!

On this day that we commemorate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and all he stood for. He gave his life combating racial equality for African-Americans and civil right violations of all people. Like so many other civil right leaders, Dr. King saw the potential in us (Black people) even if we didn’t see […]

confession time

Full Disclosure

    I promised myself that in 2017, I was going to be transparent in sharing myself here on Journey to my Greatness. I’m in full disclosure mode and here is my secret, I am not the best anything. I’m a horrible wife, bad mother and terrible woman. There I said it. I’m admitting this […]

I can do it

Year’s End Reflection 2016: Encouraging Myself

While overall 2016 was a good year, there were moments where I needed encouragement. Sometimes the best encouragement comes from within one’s own self. In times of conflict, depression, indecisiveness, I needed to pull myself up by the bootstraps, I said this little mantra to myself. I hope you can find some encouragement in it: […]


Little Nuggets: But For And

Early this year I read somewhere that replacing “but” for “and”, will drastically change how you are perceived and how you perceive situations. So I consciously put the idea into practice. For instance instead of saying, “I really need to write this blog post, but I don’t want to; I would say, I really need […]