Spiritual Growth

Take Time To Rest

Found the above graphic Pinterest, I find it interesting that the way the world is set up today people are supposed to always be “on” in order to feel successful. You know, you always got to be on your grind–growing your business, running your household, taking care of those who depend on you, whether that’s children, friends and […]

Holy Living
Spiritual Growth

5 “E”s of Living Holy

Look, none of us get it right all the time, but as the King’s Kids, we should live differently than those who don’t proclaim Jesus as their savior. As you study the Word and get to know more and more about God, you’ll want to live in a way that honors God. Spiritual maturity is […]

Resist Satan-Devil's Devices
Spiritual Growth

5 Devices of the Devil

The devil’s ultimate goal is to see you in hell with him. All he does is look for ways to draw you into sin. As with any battle, it is important to understand your opponent and their tactics–since you are in a constant spiritual battle for your eternal life it is of utter importance that […]