Spiritual Growth

A Lesson from Jonah

God has told someone to get up, go to a certain place, and do a certain thing, just as He told Jonah. If this is you, I hope you’ve heeded God’s instructions. However, if you are like Jonah, you haven’t done it, and like Jonah you can cause a storm for you and those around […]

Diary of a depressed black woman

DDBW: Getting It Off Your Chest

African Americans women are more likely to suffer from depression but are less likely to be treated for depression due to the cultural stigma of mental illness in the Black community, feelings of shame and embarrassment, lack of health insurance, and lack of understanding of the illness. Black people, Black women particularly, need to start […]

where have you been?

Where have I been

If you follow me on social media you know that I’ve lost my husband, Paul, back in November very unexpectedly, which has made it very hard for me to return to “life as usual,” but even before then, I asn’t around here much because…well, life. This time last year everything was good, everything seemed to […]

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Starting #forrealFebruary

So you know how on January 1st you made all these promises to do better? You felt good about the goals you’d set and your ability to stick to the plan you’d laid out for success. But around week 2 something happened because something always does and all the promises, all the goal setting, the […]

Taking Back Emotional Control
Spiritual Growth

Taking Back Emotional Control

Artist: Marion Bolognesi Not too long ago, I was blinded controlled by my emotions. When I was emotional, I was unpredictable, irrational. I’d lash out in anger, I was defensive, I was combative. If you tried to tell me about myself or my behavior, I’d feel attacked, like you wronged me. After months of fighting for my sanity, I was […]

Spiritual Growth

Take Time To Rest

Found the above graphic Pinterest, I find it interesting that the way the world is set up today people are supposed to always be “on” in order to feel successful. You know, you always got to be on your grind–growing your business, running your household, taking care of those who depend on you, whether that’s children, friends and […]