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Diary of a depressed black woman

Managing Depression While Going Through Tough Times

My My My, this summer has been one for the record books. Everything I thought I was going to do I didn’t get to do, and things didn’t even know was going to happen happened. While the past few months have been challenging, so was managing my depression. I can’t...

Diary of a depressed black woman

Saved and Depressed

I am a Christian. I suffer from depression. If you are like me and fall into the intersection of Christian and depression sufferer, you can understand the constant internal tug-of-war. The Bible tells you to think on the things that are right, pure, lovely (Philippians 4:8) but, depression has you...

African American women and depression

Year’s End Reflection 2016: Accepting My Depression

A few months into 2016, I had to admit to myself and accept the fact that I suffer from depression. I had suspected as much for a long time, but I guess I wasn’t ready for depression to be my reality. It took the Holy Spirit to speak to me...