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Starting #forrealFebruary

So you know how on January 1st you made all these promises to do better? You felt good about the goals you’d set and your ability to stick to the plan you’d laid out for success. But around week 2 something happened because something always does and all the promises, all the goal setting, the […]

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My Goals For 2017

    I suck at New Years Resolutions, so this year I didn’t make any, However, I do have goals I wish to achieve in 2017. So I decided back in January that in  February I was going to really make a conscious effort to achieving my 2017 goals. As I wrote here, about writing […]


What Is #forrealFebruary

Right now, #forrealFebruary it’s just a hashtag and a dream but hopefully, before the month is over it’ll be a movement. #forrealFebruary is about empowering, inspiring, and uplifting women to take that first step on the journey to becoming whomever it is we want to be or doing whatever it is we want to do. […]