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remember the cross

Remember The Cross: Sealed With A Kiss

One of the worst things you can go through in life is being betrayed by someone you love and trust. Being lied on or lied to, being cheated on, and stabbed in the back may cause you to seek your own brand of justice with the hope that the person...

remember the cross

Remember The Cross: He Did It For Love

As I reflect on the cross I’m reminded of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham loved Isaac, he was the one and only son of Abraham and through him, Abraham and his descendants were to be a great nation. Abraham also loved God, even more than the son God had given him. I...

remember the cross

Remember The Cross: My Reflection

  Tomorrow will mark the start of the Christian Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday and concluding a week later on Resurrection Sunday. While I’m not a big Lent participator, I do like to reflect on my Lord and Savior sacrifice during Holy week. This year I wanted to reflect...