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I can do it

Year’s End Reflection 2016: Encouraging Myself

While overall 2016 was a good year, there were moments where I needed encouragement. Sometimes the best encouragement comes from within one’s own self. In times of conflict, depression, indecisiveness, I needed to pull myself up by the bootstraps, I said this little mantra to myself. I hope you can...

Dealing with criticism

Year’s End Reflections 2016: Dealing With Criticism

Once I really begin taking a hard look at myself, I had to open myself up to criticism of those around me, which is something that is a little difficult for me because I tend to get defensive if I feel attacked. But in 2016, because I really allowed myself...

African American women and depression

Year’s End Reflection 2016: Accepting My Depression

A few months into 2016, I had to admit to myself and accept the fact that I suffer from depression. I had suspected as much for a long time, but I guess I wasn’t ready for depression to be my reality. It took the Holy Spirit to speak to me...